Kyedae hints at being part of VCT Game Changers

Kyedae hints at being part of VCT Game Changers

27. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Following the broadcast of the scrims, content creator and streamer Kyedae hints that she will be part of the VCT Game Changers. Kyedae, along with Sydeon and QuaterJade, has hinted at the possibility of the three streamers being part of the VCT Game Changers.

It may be unexpected to many that a group of female VALORANT Streamers would want to join a professional tournament. However, there is a strong possibility that the wish of these girls will materialize. This information came to light when the girls were broadcasting a training session and hints that they could be part of the tournament.

Broadcasting the training session

In the broadcast we are talking about, they participated in the following:

  • Kyedae
  • Sydeon
  • QuaterJade
  • TrulyTenzin
  • Ttupperware

During the training session, you can see how the players talk about different plays they devised and practiced beforehand for different positions. In addition, they discuss the protocol they use for the attacks and plays they will perform on their opponents. In this game, ttupperware was in charge of assuming the role of leader; it is important to comment that this role was taken by ttupperware since she is the team’s most experienced player.

To make the game interesting and test the players’ skills, the girls faced TenZ and his friends in the training session. Of course, we are talking about TenZ, a professional VALORANT player and one of the most important names in the Sentinels team.

Usually, VALORANT’s 5v5 practice broadcasts are not very well regarded; however, all participants agreed and felt comfortable with the scenario in this broadcast.

Unfortunately, the women’s team lost every map they played. But it is important to note the girls managed to keep the score close; despite playing against some of the best professional VALORANT players.

Kyedae hints at a possible appearance at VCT Game Changers

Kyedae hints at a possible appearance in the VCT Game Changers during practice. The streamer is asked the question, and she answers that she can’t say for sure, but they are not stupid.

Kyedae heavily hints at playing in GC (with Tupperware, QuarterJade, TrulyTenzin, Sydeon, and coach Ruin) 👀
byu/Existing_Zebra_1840 inValorantCompetitive

In the rebroadcast, it could be seen how the girls could follow their leader’s instructions very well to the letter, even though they could not win any maps.

It could be that this rebroadcast works as training to prepare them to participate in the open qualifiers for the VCT Game Changers series one. The qualifiers are just around the corner and kick off on April 7. So Kyedae’s appearance among the participants will not come as a surprise to many.

After the broadcast, Tenzi posted on her Twitter account where he commented that they were playing for fun; however, it was a training session.