KT Rolster’s Bold Move: Welcoming PerfecT to the Top Lane

KT Rolster’s Bold Move: Welcoming PerfecT to the Top Lane

9. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In a strategic shift, KT Rolster has turned its attention to homegrown talent, bringing in Lee Seung-min “PerfecT,” a product of their own academy. This decision follows a history of renowned top laners and marks a new direction for the organization.

PerfecT’s Journey to the Main Roster

  • Background: PerfecT, emerging from KT’s academy, has shown promising talent and skill throughout his career.
  • Impressive Track Record: Notable for his exceptional performance in the Challengers League, PerfecT is known for his dominant playstyle and impressive solo kills.


KT Rolster’s Legacy in the Top Lane

  • Historical Significance: KT has a history of nurturing top-tier top laners, such as Ssumday and Smeb, but has struggled to fully capitalize on their potential.
  • Recent History: Despite having talented players like Doran, Rascal, and Kiin, the team has faced challenges in translating individual talents into team success.

PerfecT’s Role in the New Roster

  • Expectations: As a player groomed under KT’s system, much is expected from PerfecT in terms of revitalizing the team’s performance.
  • Unique Opportunity: PerfecT’s integration into the main roster represents a chance for KT to harness and maximize the potential of its academy players.


Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

  • Filling Big Shoes: PerfecT is stepping into a role previously held by some of the most iconic players in the region.
  • Potential for Growth: His development will be a critical factor in KT’s pursuit of success and a testament to their training and nurturing of talent.

A Fresh Start for KT Rolster

PerfecT’s inclusion in KT Rolster’s top lane is more than just a roster change; it’s a strategic move towards nurturing homegrown talent. This shift could mark a new era for KT, one where they leverage their academy’s potential to its fullest, transforming past regrets into future triumphs.