LCK: KT Rolster Defeats Gen.G and Ends Their Undefeated Streak

LCK: KT Rolster Defeats Gen.G and Ends Their Undefeated Streak

15. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The highly anticipated League of Legends competition in Korea continues to unfold during the Regular Phase, and no team remains invincible.

This Wednesday marked a significant upset as KT Rolster secured a decisive 2-0 victory over Gen.G in the kickoff of the fourth week of the LCK. With this result, Deft-led squad managed to snatch away the only remaining undefeated record in the league.

The LCK Landscape

With the competitive League of Legends season in full swing, leagues worldwide have commenced their action-packed schedules. Among these, the spotlight shines brightest on the LCK, known historically for its unparalleled level of competition.


While all teams in the LCK boast high levels of competitiveness, Gen.G emerged as a dominant force in the initial rounds. As the reigning three-time champions, they entered the fourth week as the sole leaders with an impressive undefeated streak of 6-0. Naturally, Gen.G aimed to continue their winning streak as they faced off against KT Rolster in another thrilling LCK matchup.

On the flip side, KT Rolster came into the match with two consecutive victories but with lingering doubts following their loss to Kwangdong Freecs. Nevertheless, the lineup featuring Perfect, Pyosik, BDD, Deft, and BeryL showcased their full potential and caught Gen.G off guard. Notably, the Korean jungler played a pivotal role in this triumph.

Pyosik’s Stellar Performance

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The first map of the series proved to be highly contested, with Pyosik’s consistent successful plays on his renowned Lee Sin (9/3/13) being the defining factor. With a victory in 31 minutes, KT took the lead, setting the stage for an even more dominant second game.

Once again, the World 2022 champion jungler delivered an exceptional performance, this time with Viego (6/1/7). As a result, his team swiftly toppled Gen.G’s Nexus in just 29 minutes, sealing the 2-0 victory.

Implications and Standings

In summary, KT Rolster’s significant triumph reshuffles the top positions of the leaderboard. Meanwhile, Gen.G remains at the top but risks sharing the lead with T1 and Hanwha Life if they win their Thursday matches. To stay updated on all the LCK action, tune in to Twitch for live broadcasts.

KT Rolster Upsets Gen.G, Ending Their Undefeated Streak in LCK

KT Rolster’s unexpected victory against Gen.G not only ends the latter’s undefeated streak but also injects a new level of excitement and unpredictability into the LCK.

As the competition intensifies, fans can anticipate more thrilling matchups and potential upsets. Stay tuned for further developments and exhilarating League of Legends action in the upcoming weeks.

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