K’Sante’s Dominance in Competitive LoL: A Thorn in the Community’s Side

K’Sante’s Dominance in Competitive LoL: A Thorn in the Community’s Side

30. January 2024 by Never

As the new season of League of Legends unfolds, one name continues to dominate the top lane: K’Sante. Despite the fresh changes brought into the game, K’Sante’s pick rate has soared to 70%, a fact that’s stirring unrest within the competitive community.

Community’s Growing Discontent

Since his introduction in 2022, K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, has been a staple in professional play. Even after several nerfs aimed at diminishing his initiation skills and lane performance, his dominance remains unshaken. This persistent popularity has led to a wave of frustration among fans, with Reddit users expressing weariness at his constant presence, claiming he’s “killing diversity” in the top lane.

K’Sante had over 65% presence in pro play for all of Season 13 and in Season 14 he’s already at over 70%. Is this champion just going to be a meta pick forever in pro play?
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The Power of K’Sante’s Kit

K’Sante’s skill set, particularly his damage output as a tank, has been a point of contention since his release. His gameplay style is heavily leveraged by professionals, making him a repetitive choice across regional leagues, from LCK to LLA. This scenario has reignited discussions about the repetitive nature of champion picks in the pro scene, with comparisons drawn to long-standing favorites like Azir and Orianna.

Win Rates and Itemization

The introduction of new items has further bolstered K’Sante’s strength, reflected in his increased win rate of 55.6% this year, up from 47.4% in the previous season. However, his performance in ranked matches tells a different story, suggesting that immediate changes to the champion might not be on Riot’s agenda.

The Rise of K’Sante in Professional Play

K’Sante’s current state in League of Legends is a testament to the delicate balance between champion diversity and competitive viability. While his presence in the top lane remains a contentious issue, it highlights the ongoing challenge of maintaining a dynamic and diverse meta in the world of competitive gaming.