KRÜ nearly defeats VCT Americas favorite LOUD

KRÜ nearly defeats VCT Americas favorite LOUD

2. May 2023 by Andrew Williams

LOUD is known as an absolute powerhouse in VCT Americas but started to show cracks in their armor! After really close matches versus Evil Geniuses and Sentinels they faced KRÜ Esports, who haven’t won a single game so far. It looked like a formality to secure their participation at VCT Masters or at least it should have been.

Nevertheless, every map was close, and LOUD barely pulled out a win. At VCT Americas, LOUD had a bit of a skill check that they almost lost. How are things looking in the VALORANT Americas league right now? We’ll tell you here.

Although KRÜ hasn’t been able to get a Win so far, the team has dominated the highlights, thanks in part to an outstanding performance from Marco “Melser” Amaro, who had many highlights on the first two maps.

Then LOUD flipped the switch

On Ascent, they were down 11-7 and it looked like LOUD would actually face its first loss. But then they somehow managed to reverse the dynamics and with clutch plays from Erick “aspas” Santos, Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira and Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro they were back in the game. Before KRÜ could even reach match point, LOUD had won the map 13-11. On the second map, Split, LOUD had been struggling lately.

Against EG they had issues on the defense of Split and went down 13-3, but they started as attacker against KRÜ and were able to capitalize on the advantage with an 8-4 lead. Then when LOUD switched to defense, KRÜ tried to fight back and was able to equalize at 9-9. But this time LOUD did better and thanks to aspas’ beautiful shots with the OP they were able to win the map.

Cloud9 can cement this season

On the other hand C9 totally controlled the NA teams with wins over 100 Thieves, Sentinels, Evil Geniuses and NRG. Most notably, Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen was able to impress on the team, and was the finishing touch the roster needed.

C9 lost only one map against NRG, and solidified that performance with a stunning win against Sentinels. Cloud9 is second of the pack now with 5-1 and the final three opponents contain KRÜ and MiBR, both of them on the bottom part of the standings.

Just like for LOUD those teams should be rather easy to take down. If they do their job they already have secured a playoff spot! We’ll see how they will do in the coming weeks!