The Legendary Coach KKoma Rejoins T1 with a Landmark Contract

The Legendary Coach KKoma Rejoins T1 with a Landmark Contract

21. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Kim “KKoma” Jeong-gyun, the most decorated coach in League of Legends history, is set to make a sensational return to T1 for the 2024 season. This marks a significant homecoming for KKoma, who recently led the South Korean national team to a gold medal victory.

A Three-Year Agreement with T1

  • Contract Duration: KKoma has signed a three-year deal with T1.
  • Announcement Timing: The official announcement was made by T1 this Monday.

T1’s Journey and Offseason Developments

  • Recent Achievements: T1, under Faker’s leadership, clinched the World Championship title at Worlds 2023.
  • Offseason Moves: T1 is actively preparing for the 2024 season, with KKoma’s return being the first major announcement.

KKoma’s Role in T1

  • Probable Position: Although not yet confirmed, KKoma is expected to take on the role of Head Coach.
  • Current Coaching Staff: Tom is likely to remain a Coach following the departure of Roach, Sky, and Ruin.

KKoma’s Illustrious Career

  • Achievements: 3 Worlds titles, 2 Mid Season Invitational wins, multiple LCK titles, and a recent gold medal at the Asian Games.
  • Previous Tenure: Worked with Vici Gaming and DWG KIA, serving as Athletic Director for the latter.
  • Break from Coaching: KKoma did not coach any team in 2023, making his return to T1 even more momentous.

Implications for T1’s Future

  • Building the 2024 Roster: KKoma’s return is the first major step in shaping T1’s roster for the upcoming season.
  • Uncertain Futures: The contracts of Zeus, Keria, and Gumayusi have ended, leaving fans anxious about their potential renewal.

KKoma’s Homecoming to T1

KKoma’s return to T1 heralds a new era for the team, promising renewed strategies and leadership. For fans and players alike, this marks a period of great anticipation and potential, as T1 gears up for another groundbreaking season in the world of League of Legends.