Kiyotaka’s Return to 9Pandas: A Strategic Move in the Esports Arena

Kiyotaka’s Return to 9Pandas: A Strategic Move in the Esports Arena

23. January 2024 by Never

Having left the team for a short stint with L1ga. His departure on January 5th to join forces with former teammate Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev in L1ga was met with anticipation. However, the journey was short-lived. Following underwhelming performances in the BetBoom Dacha 2024 and DreamLeague Season 22 qualifiers, kiyotaka has rejoined 9Pandas.

9Pandas’ Roster: Reunited and Reignited

9Pandas warmly welcomed kiyotaka back, highlighting the team’s camaraderie and his role as a pivotal player. The current roster, poised for the ESL One Birmingham qualifiers, now features:

  • Mikhail “Darklord^” Blinov
  • Gleb “kiyotaka” Zyryanov
  • Albert “alberkaaa” Chernoivanov
  • Vladislav “Antares” Kertman
  • Alexey “Solo” Berezin

Special thanks were extended to Aleksey “Ainkrad” Diveevskiy, who commendably filled in during kiyotaka’s absence, particularly in the DreamLeague Season 22.

L1ga’s Journey: Challenges and Insights

During kiyotaka’s tenure with L1ga, the team faced a series of competitive challenges. Their DreamLeague Season 22 campaign ended in the lower bracket, with a defeat first by Nemiga Gaming and then ironically by 9Pandas. Despite these setbacks, L1ga showcased a stronger performance in the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai qualifiers, notably reaching the finals against However,’s overwhelming strength led to L1ga’s defeat.

9Pandas’ Outlook for the Year

9Pandas’ recent tweet signals a strong intent to compete vigorously in multiple tournaments throughout the year, starting with the ESL One Birmingham qualifiers on January 22nd. With kiyotaka’s return, the team appears more robust and strategically equipped to face upcoming challenges.

Kiyotaka’s Brief Departure and Return

Kiyotaka’s return to 9Pandas could be a critical factor in the team’s success in upcoming tournaments. This move not only strengthens their lineup but also brings back a familiar synergy that could prove advantageous. As the esports scene continually evolves, such strategic roster changes are vital for teams aiming for the top.