Kings League Enters Fortnite Through Partnership with StadioPlus

Kings League Enters Fortnite Through Partnership with StadioPlus

22. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Kings League, a revolutionary force in the world of sports and entertainment, is making its mark in Fortnite through an exciting partnership with StadioPlus. This collaboration aims to bring unique and innovative experiences to players, including the highly anticipated Kings World Cup tournament.

The Arrival of Kings World Cup in Fortnite

Since May 18th, fans of competitive gaming have been able to experience the Kings World Cup in Fortnite, complete with a custom map and exclusive in-game content. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations and showcases their commitment to engaging with audiences in new and exciting ways.

Kings League en Fortnite acuerdo con StadioPlus

Strategic Collaboration with StadioPlus

The Kings League has joined forces with StadioPlus, owned by former NBA star and captain of the Argentine national team, Luis Scola. This strategic alliance will see a series of immersive experiences brought to life within Fortnite, allowing fans to participate in events such as the Kings World Cup, Kings League InfoJobs, and Queens League Oysho.

What to Expect from the Kings World Cup?

Players can expect a host of exciting events and rewards as part of the Kings World Cup festivities. From custom maps to exclusive team jerseys, the Kings World Cup in Fortnite promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans of both gaming and football.

Kings League Fortnite 780x470

Expanding Reach Through Fortnite

By partnering with Fortnite, which boasts over 25 million daily players, the Kings League is tapping into a vast and diverse audience. This move not only introduces a new way for fans to interact with their favorite leagues but also demonstrates a commitment to staying ahead of consumer trends.

Quotes from Key Figures

  • Marc Carrión, Chief Marketing Officer of Kosmos:We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the Kings League in one of the world’s leading games. This partnership with StadioPlus allows us to strengthen and promote the Kings brand through new content avenues, reaching new audiences.
  • Jon Fatelevich, President of StadioPlus:We are excited to partner with the Kings League, a true innovator in football and entertainment. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our goals and philosophy, and we look forward to achieving great success together.
  • Javier Fernando, CEO of StadioPlus:We are proud of the work done by both teams and are confident that fans will enjoy these experiences. This partnership will undoubtedly be a success, as it resonates strongly with the gaming community.


As the Kings League celebrates its fifth anniversary, its entry into Fortnite represents a bold new chapter in its journey. With the support of StadioPlus, the Kings League is poised to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences and engage with audiences in innovative ways. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Kings League and Fortnite partnership.

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