Kick trolls Pokimane with mocking-advertisement

Kick trolls Pokimane with mocking-advertisement

12. July 2023 by Andrew Williams

Streaming platform Kick has trolled popular Twitch streamer Pokimane with an ad on TikTok. The ad aims to get streamers to leave Twitch and go to Kick.

While Twitch is becoming increasingly unpopular, Kick is seeing various successes and more and more streamers. Meanwhile, many big stars have switched from Twitch to Kick and received several million dollars for the deals. Twitch, on the other hand, is watching helplessly as some of their top creators bail. Amouranth, xQc and Adin Ross are some of the Twitch stars who have switched to Kick and are now streaming there.

While many are hyping the new site, especially celebrating its looser rules and larger profit margin for streamers, there are also people who are critical of Kick. This includes Pokimane, who has clearly sided with Twitch in the Kick vs. Twitch debate. After a fan asked Pokimane if she would join Kick for $10 million, she claimed that she “wouldn’t give up her morals and ethics” to join Kick and condemned everyone who went to Kick.

Kick trolls Pokimane with ads to poach streamers from Twitch

Kick has made no secret of the fact that they want to outrank Twitch. Time and time again, they have declared war on the platform – albeit in a funny way. Kick also made it a point to poke fun at Pokimane after the streamer criticized the platform when xQc and Amouranth signed their $100 million deals.

Now Kick is officially and completely shamelessly running ads on TikTok aimed at getting streamers to “join the better streaming platform” – by which, of course, Kick clearly means itself. It’s no secret that Kick wants to win over Twitch streamers. The ad features the iconic Beetlejuice meme “I’m just hanging around” at the top of the platform’s directory page, which is also headlined “When Pokimane catches a streamer considering Kick.”

Fans liked them spicy kick commercials and many praised the idea and the kick marketing team. Pokimane has yet to comment on the tease, but fans hope she can take it with humor. Although Kick has made fun of Pokimane a bit, the platform has stated that they are still interested in bringing the streamer over and getting her to join Kick as well.