Kick Introduces Hourly Pay for Streamers in New Incentive Program

Kick Introduces Hourly Pay for Streamers in New Incentive Program

1. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the ever-evolving world of live streaming, Kick is making a significant move to challenge Twitch’s dominance. The platform has announced a revolutionary approach to supporting content creators: offering base salaries to streamers who participate in their Creator Incentive Program.

This bold initiative aims to attract more talent to the platform, especially in light of recent controversial changes by Twitch affecting streamer revenues.

Kick’s Strategy Amidst Twitch’s Shifting Policies

Kick seems to be capitalizing on Twitch’s recent adjustments, such as the Prime and earnings changes, which have been unfavorable for some streamers. While Kick’s strategy hasn’t been entirely successful so far – with incidents involving content creators like Grenheir exploiting the system – there have been success stories like WestCOL thriving on the platform.


Details of the Creator Incentive Program

In a recent announcement, Kick’s CEO Eddie highlighted the platform’s commitment to leveraging the creativity of its members. The Creator Incentive Program is designed to offer streamers a steady income, independent of ad revenue or subscriptions. This program comes in addition to the existing favorable 95/5 split on subscription revenue.

Eligibility and Requirements for Streamers

Kick has made it clear that any streamer can apply for the incentive program without needing a manager. However, there are specific minimum requirements to be eligible:

  • Be a verified user on Kick
  • Adhere to Kick’s community guidelines
  • Maintain an average of 100 viewers over 30 days
  • Stream for at least 50 hours in 30 days
  • Stream on 15 unique days within 30 days
  • Have at least 25 subscriptions in the last 30 days
  • Maintain a minimum of 3 VODs over the last 3 days
  • Have at least 1500 followers

These criteria are subject to change, but they reflect Kick’s intention to retain dedicated content creators and prevent them from switching platforms.


A New Era for Streamers on Kick

For streamers on Kick or those considering the platform, this new Creator Incentive Program offers an exciting opportunity. It’s a good time to review the terms and conditions to understand the full benefits and requirements. With this innovative approach, Kick is poised to become a more attractive platform for both established and aspiring streamers.