Kick Amplifies Presence in Sports and Esports: New Partnerships with Alfa Romeo in F1 and Bleed Esports

Kick Amplifies Presence in Sports and Esports: New Partnerships with Alfa Romeo in F1 and Bleed Esports

30. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In just 15 months since its launch, Kick has become a pivotal name in the streaming and esports landscape. Known for aligning with top-tier streamers such as xQc, Amouranth, and even coaxing Tfue out of retirement, Kick has now broadened its horizon with strategic associations in traditional sports and esports.

Strengthening Ties in Traditional Sports

Kick’s foray into traditional sports includes partnerships with notable entities like Alfa Romeo’s Formula 1 team, Everton, and Melbourne Victory. These collaborations mark a significant step towards integrating the worlds of digital entertainment and mainstream sports.


Forging a New Path in Esports

Kick’s recent venture into esports is headlined by its partnership with Bleed Esports. Announced on January 29, this collaboration positions Kick as a primary sponsor, with its branding to be prominently featured on team apparel and digital platforms.

Nikola Lipovac, Director of Sales and Partnerships at Bleed, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “With Kick’s impact in streaming, this alliance represents a commitment to providing our community with unparalleled content and engagement.”

A Busy Season for Bleed Esports

Bleed Esports has been in the limelight for preparing for its debut in the 2024 VCT Pacific with North American star player Jacob “yay” Whiteaker. Furthermore, they have recently formed their first European Counter-Strike 2 team.

Additionally, Bleed has announced a partnership with Disguised, an esports organization led by mega streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, to compete in the VCT Malaysia and Singapore League under their Challengers team.

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The Scope of Collaboration with Kick

While the specifics of Bleed’s streaming obligations with Kick remain unclear, the press release hints at Kick providing Bleed a cutting-edge broadcasting platform to showcase their gameplay globally.

Expanding Reach in Esports

Kick’s influence in esports is further evidenced by Team Secret’s partnership announcement with Kick and its backing company Stake in December 2023. Similarly, B8 Esports revealed their alliance with Kick in November 2023, indicating Kick’s growing footprint in the esports arena.

Kick Alfa Romeo

Kick Unveils New Era: Partnerships with Alfa Romeo F1 & Bleed Esports

Kick’s strategic partnerships in both traditional sports and esports signify a bold move to blend the excitement of physical sports with the dynamic world of digital gaming.

As Kick continues to expand its reach, it is set to redefine the landscape of entertainment and competitive gaming, promising fans around the globe an immersive and engaging experience.