Kick announces platform changes

Kick announces platform changes

4. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The new streaming platform has announced several changes implemented in its latest update. Currently, Kick users will no longer be unnecessarily exposed to gambling broadcasts. In addition, they will be able to block users who stream in hot tubs.

Kick has been gaining popularity among streamers since early 2023, challenging even Twitch, currently the market leader. Kick’s management to convince streamers and viewers to switch platforms has included several features.

The streaming platform has attracted big names such as xQc and Amouranth, who have been offered large contracts. But that’s not all; content creators are also offered a 95% revenue share. When compared to Twitch’s 50%, it’s no wonder the growth is exponential. In the first seven months, Kick added more than 10 million accounts.

As the months have gone by, the platform’s managers have shown that they want to provide the best experience for users. Therefore, they have dedicated themselves to making several updates to improve the community’s experience.

Kick announces changes to the platform

Kick managers are working on new updates to provide the best service to all the millions of people already part of the platform. An example of this is the new measures that are being implemented.

For his part, Eddie Craven, head of Kick, revealed on June 30 a new update to the platform that eliminates “unnecessary” exposure to gambling broadcasts. With this new update, people can turn off all betting streams they do not want to watch on their accounts. In addition, other categories that they do not want to view can be turned off or blocked.

Thanks to the new Kick update, platform users can opt out of being offered broadcasts that are not of interest to them. This new update allows users to enjoy only the content they want to watch without being exposed to unnecessary retransmissions.

Kick allows blocking different types of content

Kick co-founder and former Twitch content creator. Trainwrecks has posted on his Twitter account that users now have the option to remove or block all content that is considered controversial.

Among this content, all retransmissions related to bikinis, swimming pools and hot tubs can be removed. As well as, all casino and slot machine broadcasts can be removed.

It is important to note that this option does not remove content from the platform. The user who is not interested in seeing this content can hide it from his account. With this new measure implemented by Kick, many people have commented positively and congratulated the team that works to create a better platform daily.