Kick announces new Incentive Program for content creators

Kick announces new Incentive Program for content creators

18. September 2023 by miranda angeles

These days, people frequently use streaming to interact with their audiences and distribute their content. However, making a consistent living as a streamer can be difficult. This is where the Kick comes in. The platform promises to offer streamers a stable source of income by allowing them to get paid based on the number of viewers and hours of playback.

So, what’s the idea behind the content creator incentive program, and is it the best way to earn a steady income as a content creator? To learn all the details, continue reading the article.

Kick’s Content Creator Incentive Program

The world of live streaming is constantly developing, and more and more platforms are emerging to create this type of content. In addition, thousands of people join these platforms every day to earn money with their videos. That is why the new Kick platform is joining the game and has announced a new incentive program for content creators. Kick streamers will be able to charge an hourly rate.

Details of the new incentive program for content creators

This new program announced by Kick welcomes 33 new streamers. Each of these content creators is part of its “First Class.” It is important to note that the platform has previously been paying a variety of streamers with exclusive contracts an hourly rate. However, this new program sets a much higher standard for other content creators on the platform to work much harder.

Now, although we know that content creators are charging by the hour, the amount of money each streamer receives is unknown. In addition, it is important to note that the amount that content creator earns per hour may be different from one to another.

On the other hand, Kick has commented to all the human talent participating in its platform that this program is just beginning. The platform owners hope to provide more opportunities and advantages to all the artists who enter the program.

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How to enroll in the new incentive program for content creators?

As we mentioned before, more and more people want to be able to work and make a living from content creation. If you want to be part of this new incentive program for content creators Kick, you must know all the requirements.


  • Content creators must have a CCV in an average of 30 days 126.
  • Average monthly subscriptions must be at least 239 (direct or gifted)
  • Monthly streaming hours must be a minimum of 89
  • Monthly unique Chatters must be a minimum of 337

It is important to note that Kick has informed us that it will reveal more details of the “Phase 2 Class” on October 1. While on November 1, they will reveal details of “Class Phase 3.” At the moment, it is unknown whether new groups of content creators will be announced each month to enter Kick’s incentive program.