LoL – Keria: “Exercise Has Become a Necessity, Not an Option”

LoL – Keria: “Exercise Has Become a Necessity, Not an Option”

30. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

T1’s support player, Keria, known as one of the best in the world, recently opened up about the physical challenges he’s faced throughout the year, particularly before the inaugural match of the LCK Summer Split. On the eve of the match, Keria was rushed to the emergency room due to severe pain.

Off-Season and Recovery

During the League of Legends off-season, T1 players are actively engaging with fans through live content, especially as they recover from Covid. T1, the four-time Worlds champion club, regularly announces these live sessions on social media.

Another way to catch these streams is on Afreeca TV by following the players’ accounts, though the platform can be a bit complex for Western viewers.

Keria’s Candid Discussion on Player Health

Keria’s frank discussion about player injuries and pains, a somewhat taboo topic, has raised concerns among his fans. While it’s unclear if he’s fully recovered, the worst seems to be over.

“Exercise is now a requirement”

In one of his live sessions, Keria emphasized the importance of exercise in his daily routine to avoid pain. He also recounted his worst moment as a professional, which occurred just a day before the start of the Summer Split. He experienced intense pain, so severe that he feared for his health and battled intrusive thoughts.

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The Importance of Professional Care in eSports

Keria’s experiences highlight the need for professional care for eSports athletes. Given the long hours spent in front of computers, often in suboptimal postures, teams like T1 must invest more in specialized care to prevent injuries and discomfort that could be mitigated with proper exercise and monitoring.

T1’s Support Player Opens Up About Physical Struggles

The eSports community must prioritize player health and well-being. As we see with Keria’s situation, incorporating regular exercise and professional health support is essential for the longevity and success of these athletes.