kennyS the French CS:GO legend, announces his retirement

kennyS the French CS:GO legend, announces his retirement

21. May 2023 by miranda angeles

The Paris Major has brought a lot of emotions for all CS:GO lovers, remembering that this is the last major tournament to be played with the title. Fans have seen some of the great teams that have been left out of the championship, as well as other teams that have been a total surprise.

On the other hand, the last CS:GO Major has also been used to make some important announcements, as kennyS has done.

kennyS the French CS:GO legend, announces his retirement

After over ten years of career, Kenny “kennyS” Schrub, the French legend, announces that he is retiring from esports. The French Team Falcons player, before the start of the semifinals between Apeks and Vitality, appeared in front of all the spectators of the Accor Arena to make the announcement of his retirement from CS:GO competitions.

The news was not a surprise for CS:GO fans, as it was already known that kennyS had been added to the Falcons staff as a content creator.

kennyS’ successful career as a professional CS:GO, player

The career of kennyS as a professional gamer has been very successful, so much so that some players can only dream of it. kennyS stood out among thousands of players, becoming a legendary AWPer; moreover, his aggressive attacks made him stand out.

The popular French player began his career as a professional player in 2012, wearing the Team eXtensive jersey in Source. kennyS, in over ten years of career, was present in 14 Major, where he was crowned champion in one of them in 2015. Similarly, during his time in esports, the player won 11 titles in LAN tournaments.

kennyS began to attract attention in the professional scene in 2012 after moving from CS:S to CS:GO with the French team VeryGames. However, the first dazzling performance of kennyS occurred in 2014, when the Frenchman helped team Titans win the DreamHack Stockholm Invitational LAN.

Then, kennyS joined Envy, the North American team. He got the 2015 DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca Major MVP award in this team after leading his new team to win the championship.

However, in recent years kennyS has not performed so brilliantly in tournaments. The 28-year-old reached his most notable titles in 2017; kennyS joined the G2 squad just that year. Later the French player came to the Falcons team, where he has been for the last five years.

Unfortunately for the player, he couldn’t make it with his team for the last CS:GO Major. But there is no doubt that the entire CS:GO fan community recognizes kennyS as a very important figure in esports.

During many years of their career, kennyS built a very important fan base that will undoubtedly miss him in CS2 competitions. However, they can now enjoy the former player in another facet.