Katowice 2014 stickers sold for $446,000

Katowice 2014 stickers sold for $446,000

14. June 2023 by Andrew Williams

A CS:GO inventory containing a huge Katowice 2014 sticker collection has been sold to an anonymous buyer for a record sum. The stickers had long been forgotten but have now made the owner loads of money.

You often hear stories of how people have simply forgotten about Bitcoins or similar and years later discovered that they have become filthy rich with them over the years without knowing it. A similar story now exists in esports, more specifically in CS:GO and instead of Bitcoin we are dealing with stickers that were bought a decade ago and have massively increased in value.

Forgotten CS:GO stickers fetch owner almost half a million

A gamer and collector had forgotten that he had a huge CSGO inventory with a sticker collection from Katowice in 2014 – however, he rediscovered it and sold the collection for over $446,000. Not everyone trades CSGO skins non-stop and checks their inventory regularly.

More important things may come up, such as family, work, etc. and it’s easy to forget what valuable items you own. As many people know by now, skins can be really expensive, especially if they have a high rarity value, either because they are very old or because something memorable happened at the event where it came out.

Over time, such skins gain even more value and can become a real treasure that many other players would love to own. If you then forget about it and rediscover it, you have definitely found a sunken treasure.

Stickers from Katowice and Major Cologne 2014

Streamer and skin trader “TDM_Heyzeus” has revealed via Twitter that he made a deal to resell several skins with Katowice 2014 holo stickers to an anonymous buyer. It seems that the owner did not know how much his skins were worth and had no idea that the Katowice 2014 stickers, of all things, had become extremely expensive. Some of these stickers have a price tag of up to 60,000 dollars. Among the stickers were also some from the same year from the Cologne Major. At that time, the stickers only cost cents, but today it’s a completely different story, because they are extremely rare and have thus increased in value.

Heyzeus wrote: “The inventory was completely unknown and the owner had no idea how much they were worth. Fortunately, this story had a happy ending and they just made a life-changing amount of money.” Heyzeus also explained that the inventory was sold by the Katowice 2014 Skins for a whopping $446,894. With such a large amount of money, it’s almost no surprise that lawyers were involved in the transaction to make sure everything went through legally.