Kasper Hansen is Astralis’ new Esports Director

Kasper Hansen is Astralis’ new Esports Director

8. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Following the departure of Kasper Hvidt, esports organization Astralis has announced that Kasper Straube Hansen is the new Director of Esports.

Kasper Hansen is the new Director of Esports at Astralis

Recently, Kasper Straube Hansen was hired by Astralis to fill the position of Esports director, which until now was vacant. Recall that Kasper Hvidt, former Esports Director of the organization, held the position until the end of June. Last June, the organization and Hvidt agreed to end their working relationship due to the disappointing results obtained after six years of working together.

Hansen was scheduled to arrive to take up his new position at Astralis on October 1. However, Hansen’s arrival has been brought forward, as he left his previous Heroic job.

Astralis announces the arrival of a new Esports manager

Astralis is currently embroiled in changes, especially regarding the CS:GO staff. Another change the organization has made is hiring a new esports director, announced yesterday.

Due to the organization’s big changes, Kasper Hvidt and chief analyst Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen have left Astralis. But those have not been all the changes; Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, the team leader, has been sent to the bench. In addition, Johannes “b0RUP” Borup and Victor “Staehr” Staehr have been signed to play in the starting lineup.

Kasper Straube Hansen’s background

Astralis’ new director of esports, Kasper Straube Hansen, is a physiotherapist with extensive experience in athlete performance management. In 2021, Hansen was hired as a physiotherapist and performance coach by Heroic. Later in 2022, Hansen is promoted and takes the position of head of Performance within Heroic.

Comments on Astralis’ new esports director

After the news that Kasper Straube Hansen has been made official, Hansen has commented that he is excited about this new stage in his life. On the other hand, Hansen has commented that he has a clear vision of positive and healthy performance, respecting the historical background of Astralis.

Astralis CEO Anders Hørsholt said everyone in the organization is very happy about Hansen’s arrival to the team. In addition, Hørsholt commented that he is very happy to have Hansen immediately taking up the duties of his new position as Astralis’ director of esports. In turn, Hørsholt has praised Hansen’s experience and highlighted his work at Heroic as head of performance for the CS:GO squad.

Today, July 8, Astralis’ new head of esports begins his duties within the organization. Astralis looks forward to getting a closer look at Hansen’s work and seeing what he brings to the organization.