Karmine Corp secures a place in the Rocket League World Championship

Karmine Corp secures a place in the Rocket League World Championship

10. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Karmine Corp has recently won the RLCS Winter Major, and thanks to that, the team secures a place in the Rocket League World Championship. But that’s not all; the team also takes home $100k, an important part of the tournament’s prize pool.

Karmine Corp wins Rocket League, Winter Major

Finally, we know the champion of the RLCS Winter Major, and it is none other than Karmine Corp. The team has been dominating the competitive scene throughout the winter season.

Karmine Corp came into the tournament as the favorites, and they proved with facts that they deserved to win. The French team had a dream winter season, winning two regional tournaments and qualifying as the best European team for the Winter Major.

Then their passage through the Winter Major was even better; the team remained undefeated during the group stage. Karmine Corp, in the group stage, faced great teams such as:

  • Team Falcons
  • Dignitas
  • Team Vitality

After winning all the matches in the group stage, Karmine Corp went directly to the quarterfinals. At that moment, the team had to continue fighting to remain the best and achieve the precious champion title.

Karmine Corp’s first match was against G2 Esports, where they beat them without any problem by 4:2; with this result, the French team advanced to the next round.

In the semifinal, Karmine Corp had to face Team Liquid, one of their biggest rivals in Europe. Even during the winter season, in one of the regional tournaments, Team Liquid beat the French team. However, this time they did not have the same luck, and we saw the might of Karmine Corp winning 4:2. Thanks to an excellent performance, the team got a place in the grand final.

The best team in Europe against the best team in North America

The grand final was a dream for all Rocket League fans; everyone could see the fight between the best of two continents. The best European team, Karmine Corp, faced the best North American team, FaZe Clan.

We can say that it was a very exciting final, we could see incredible plays from each of the teams. We saw FaZe Clan defending against the strong attacks of Karmine Corp. The match was difficult for either team; both teams knew what was at stake. However, despite an excellent defense by the North American team, it was not enough, so Karmine Corp took the championship, winning 4:2.

A winning lineup for Karmine Corp

Responsible for leading Karmine Corp to the top were the following players:

  • Axel “vatira” Touret
  • Brice “ExoTiiK” Bigeard
  • Amine “itachi” Benayachi
  • Wagner “Eversax” Benjamin

Thanks to these guys, Karmine Corp has a spot in the top Rocket League championship. For the world championship, the best teams are expected to fight for a prize pool of $2.1 million; the event will take place in August in Germany.