Karmine Corp’s Struggles in the LEC: A Tough Start for the Fan-Favorite Team

Karmine Corp’s Struggles in the LEC: A Tough Start for the Fan-Favorite Team

22. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Karmine Corp, the French esports organization, has been a fan favorite in the European League of Legends scene. However, their debut in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has been far from smooth, marking one of the most challenging starts in the competition’s recent history.

A Highly Anticipated LEC Debut

Kameto’s Karmine Corp, renowned across Europe, finally made the leap to the LEC after acquiring Astralis’ spot. Their entry was met with great enthusiasm, as they had previously dominated the European Masters and other European Regional Leagues (ERL).

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A Rocky Start in the LEC

The team’s inaugural season in the LEC has been disappointing:

  • Current Record: 0-5 in the LEC, without a single win.
  • Recent Loss: A crucial defeat against Team Vitality, a direct competitor in terms of language and standings.

Comparisons with Past LEC Teams

  • Schalke 04 Esports (Summer 2020): Started 0-7 but miraculously finished 8-10, advancing to the next phase.
  • SK Gaming (Spring 2021): Began with 0-5, ending the season at 5-13.
  • Astralis (Spring 2022) and Team BDS (Summer 2022): Both had notably poor starts, with 0-9 and 1-8 records, respectively.

A Critical Upcoming Match

Karmine Corp’s next game against Team Heretics is pivotal. A loss would further diminish their already slim playoff hopes, putting them at a daunting 0-6 record with only three matches left.

Unwavering Fan Support

Despite the rough start, Karmine Corp continues to receive strong support from its passionate fan base. The French giant’s hope remains alive, buoyed by their loyal followers who are among the most enthusiastic in Europe.

The Road Ahead for Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp faces a challenging path in the LEC. To turn their fortunes around, they must find a way to break their losing streak and harness the energy of their dedicated fan base. The upcoming matches will be crucial in determining whether Karmine Corp can replicate the comebacks seen by other teams in LEC history.