Kai Cenat Breaks Twitch Viewership Record with Kevin Hart and LeBron James

Kai Cenat Breaks Twitch Viewership Record with Kevin Hart and LeBron James

12. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Kai Cenat, a popular streamer and influencer, has set a new viewership record on Twitch during a livestream featuring Kevin Hart and a surprise appearance by LeBron James.

A New Personal Best

On June 10, Kai Cenat hosted a sleepover livestream with comedian Kevin Hart and actor Drew Desbordes, known as Druski. The event drew in over 720,000 viewers, surpassing Kai’s previous record of 300,000 simultaneous viewers during his first stream with Kevin Hart.


LeBron James’ Surprise Appearance

One of the standout moments of the stream was when Kevin Hart called NBA superstar LeBron James. Interestingly, it was LeBron who initiated the call, asking Hart to join a FaceTime session.

Kai Cenat couldn’t contain his excitement, and the viewers were thrilled to see LeBron’s face on the screen. At the time of LeBron’s appearance, the stream was already being watched by over 650,000 fans, a number that continued to rise.

kai kevin and druski during stream twitch

Stream Highlights

Aside from the unexpected cameo by LeBron James, the stream featured several entertaining segments:

  • “What’s in the Box” Game: Kai Cenat, Kevin Hart, and Druski participated in a fun and suspenseful game, keeping the audience engaged.
  • Dancing Session: The trio danced for the viewers, adding to the lively and enjoyable atmosphere of the stream.

Consistent Success

Kai Cenat’s collaborations with Kevin Hart have proven to be incredibly popular, consistently breaking viewership records on Twitch. Fans eagerly anticipate future streams featuring the duo, and Kai’s growing success indicates that more exciting collaborations are likely on the horizon.

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Kai Cenat continues to break new ground in the streaming world, and his collaborations with Kevin Hart are a significant part of this success.

The surprise appearance of LeBron James only added to the excitement, creating a memorable event for all viewers. Fans can look forward to more engaging and record-breaking streams from Kai in the future.

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