Jungle Errors: Riot Games Steps In with Urgent Fix in Patch 13.20

Jungle Errors: Riot Games Steps In with Urgent Fix in Patch 13.20

15. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The League of Legends world recently found itself amidst a technical maelstrom after the latest update, Patch 13.20, introduced unwanted issues in the jungle. With players and champions struggling to adjust, Riot Games was quick to intervene. Here’s our detailed analysis of what went wrong and how Riot is taking steps to fix it.

Map Inconsistencies: Missing Blast Plants

One of the main gripes was that the blast plants, essential for opening ambush routes and facilitating jungle gameplay, weren’t appearing as they should. The absence of these plants, or their emergence in unexpected locations, threw off gameplay strategy, depriving players of essential opportunities to ambush their opponents and gain an edge.

Experience Issues with Jungle Camps

Shaco 6

Another major issue was that players were not gaining experience from the jungle camps if they were a certain distance away from them. This is especially problematic for champions that rely on ranged abilities, such as Morgana and Shaco, who let their abilities finish off the job while they move on to the next target. These champions saw their progression slowed down, putting them at a significant competitive disadvantage.

A notable example is Master Yi. If he used his Q ability on a Razorbeak camp, he could miss out on experience if the monsters died during the spell animation. This kind of issue not only affected jungle efficiency but also gameplay flow and champion progression.

Riot Games’ Response

Amid the uproar caused by these glitches, Riot Games acted swiftly. Phreak, one of the company’s most recognized faces, echoed the community’s concerns and confirmed an emergency fix. Although he didn’t delve into the underlying causes of the glitch, he clarified it was not related to any intended balance change.

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Come Back to the Normal Jungle

Riot Games’ quick and transparent approach to addressing the issues with Patch 13.20 shows the company’s commitment to its player community. It’s essential always to stay updated with game updates and changes to quickly adapt to any new situation. The jungle is an integral part of League of Legends, and any change, whether intentional or accidental, can have significant ramifications in the game.