Juan Bernat Joins Ramboot Club Esports: Football and Esports Worlds Collide

Juan Bernat Joins Ramboot Club Esports: Football and Esports Worlds Collide

3. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The esports scene witnesses yet another exciting cross-over with traditional sports, as PSG footballer Juan Bernat, currently on loan to Benfica, joins Valencia-based Ramboot Club as a partner. This move signifies a growing trend of sports stars venturing into the esports domain.

Ramboot Club’s Strategic Expansion

New Horizons for Ramboot

  • Juan Bernat’s Entry: Bernat’s partnership with Ramboot Club marks a significant step for the organization.
  • CEO’s Vision: Pablo Navarro, CEO of Ramboot Club, sees this as an opportunity to continue the club’s growth and build on the remarkable achievements of 2023.

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Ramboot in Superliga and Rising

  • Debut in Superliga: Following the acquisition of KOI’s spot, Ramboot debuts in the Superliga, showcasing its presence in League of Legends and VALORANT.
  • Current Performance: Ramboot holds strong positions in both leagues, with notable records in the Superliga and Rising.

The Growing Influence of Sports in Esports

  • Superliga’s Football Connection: Five teams in the Superliga now have direct links to football, with Case Esports and Rebels Gaming founded by Casemiro and David De Gea, respectively.
  • Other Notable Influences: Guasones with Rubén García and Aymeric Laporte’s AYM Esports in the Rising further illustrate football’s growing interest in esports.

Comparative Analysis

  • FC Barcelona’s Model: Unlike FC Barcelona’s integrated approach with Barça eSports, Ramboot and Bernat’s situation aligns more with individual footballer involvement rather than a club’s comprehensive integration.

A Strategic Move in the Esports Arena

The collaboration between Juan Bernat and Ramboot Club Esports highlights an emerging synergy between traditional sports and esports. This partnership not only enriches the esports community but also opens up new avenues for growth and diversity in competitive gaming.

As esports continues to evolve, such collaborations are set to redefine the landscape, blending the passion and strategies of two dynamic worlds.