JoeWo calls on Warzone developers to remove “overpowered secondary weapons”

JoeWo calls on Warzone developers to remove “overpowered secondary weapons”

22. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Call of Duty: Warzone streamer and content creator Joseph “JoeWo” Wohala is calling on the game’s developers to make some changes within the game. According to the popular content creator, CoD developers should remove “overpowered secondary weapons” in Warzone 2.

JoeWo asks Warzone developers for in-game changes

JoeWo, the popular streamer, has asked Raven Software and Infinity Ward to remove the most overpowered secondary weapons in history from Warzone, for the content creator comments that the Snak Shot secondary gun has much more power than it should have. It is because of them that the game developers should remove the weapon from Warzone or make an adjustment to it.

In the early days of Warzone, the new version of the .357 Magnum, the Snake Shot, generated a lot of controversy among the gaming community. Warzone users were completely shocked by the power of the weapon. The game developers realized that the Snake Shot pistol was overpowered. As a result, they made a nerf to adjust it. However, the Nerf adjustments were so much that the weapon became practically unusable. Now, for some reason, the game developers wanted to bring back the full potential of the gun to the new version of Warzone.

The Snake Shots is more powerful than the SMG

According to JoeWo, the Snake Shots pistol is currently much more powerful than the SMG. The content creator posted a video demonstrating his exact configuration on his Magnum.500, the Basilisk. In the video shown by JoeWo, he shows all his fans how he easily kills many enemies with his Snake Shots. JoeWo even manages to kill enemies at a distance beyond the range of this type of gun. So the content creator is surprised by the weapon’s potential and the result he has achieved.

On the other hand, JoeWo’s video also shows how he has used snake shots to eliminate many enemies. However, JoeWo has an expression that does not reflect happiness. Instead, the streamer is concerned that these weapons are much more powerful and should be removed from the game.

Later, JoeWo, after being removed from the game, comments that snake shots should be nerfed urgently. However, he encouraged all his fans to keep using them before the game developers made changes. In short, this weapon can be used longer distances than it is designed for. In addition, it has a power similar to that of a shotgun.

For now, all Warzone players must wait to see what adjustments will be made to the weapon.