Jawgemo’s Incredible 1v5 Play in VCT Americas

Jawgemo’s Incredible 1v5 Play in VCT Americas

29. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

During Week 4 of the VCT Americas, Jawgemo captured the attention of the entire Valorant community with his astounding 1v5 play against NRG.

In the course of a pivotal week in the continent’s most prestigious Valorant competition, one moment stood out above all others.

This past Sunday, VCT Americas witnessed a new round that will be remembered for ages, in the match between Evil Geniuses and NRG. In the first map of the series, Jawgemo executed a 1v5 play that is now making waves around the world.

Since Valorant’s launch in June 2020, the competitive scene has produced countless memorable moments. As the skill level has risen, so too has the complexity and spectacle of gameplay, often surprising even the most seasoned spectators.

Jawgemo’s performance in Week 4 of Stage 1 of VCT Americas is a testament to this, delivering an impressive 1v5 that sealed the first map.

Jawgemo’s Play Breakdown

Jawgemo posing

Armed with Jett, the Southeast Asian player initiated the play by swiftly taking down Ethan with a Bucky, securing the first elimination. From there, EG managed to secure the spike plant and dominate the site, but Jawgemo found himself alone as his teammates fell one by one.

Undeterred, he secured another elimination with his shotgun and then utilized the Blade Storm ultimate to devastating effect. Ultimately, Jawgemo closed out the round with three additional kills, sealing the 1-0 victory with a decisive 13-6 score. This incredible play quickly went viral, showcasing the exceptional skill of the Cambodian player.

Outcome and Significance

Despite losing the Lotus in Overtime, Evil Geniuses secured a hardfought 2-1 victory in Sunset. This win holds great significance for the North American squad, especially after starting with three consecutive defeats. Thanks to the triumph over NRG, Jawgemo and his team now sit at 2-3 and are positioned for a spot in the Playoffs.


In conclusion, Jawgemo’s 1v5 play exemplifies the remarkable skill and talent present in the VCT Americas competition. This unforgettable moment not only showcases individual prowess but also highlights the competitive spirit and intensity of Valorant esports.

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