Jason “Beaulo” Doty: From Rainbow Six to CSGO?

Jason “Beaulo” Doty: From Rainbow Six to CSGO?

14. February 2023 by Andrew Williams

In a recent video on his Youtube channel, TSM’s famous Rainbow Six player, Jason “Beaulo” Doty, explains the reasons why he is leaving the Rainbox Six competitive scene.

Beaulo says it was a tough decision for him, but he’s never felt more free to do what he wants since he stopped playing professionally. Until a month or two ago, he felt good about competing. Despite the fact that his team did not qualify for the Six Invitational, he still felt confident about his personal level of play. He still had the motivation to play but he had reached a point where he had to make a decision. A decision for his own good and for those around him.

He explains further that he does not plan to return to the professional R6 scene but he does not intend to stop playing the game. He wants to focus on his stream and YouTube videos but he remains committed around the R6 scene.

He made a quick decision because the R6 scene is “notorious” for not being the most discreet in terms of announcements.

“In the R6 esport scene, you can’t make a decision without people you don’t want them to know, knowing. I rushed to announce all this to avoid leaks. Because I didn’t want it to be leaked.”

More games to play?

In a much shorter video on theScore esports channel, Beaulo spoke about other games he would be willing to play. He tried his hand at the two giants of fps: CS:GO and Valorant. For Valorant, he found the game cool but without more. However, he really enjoyed CS:GO and says he wants to continue playing competitive shooters. Beaulo says he hasn’t written off the competitive scene (except for R6) but he has always liked to give it his all. He likes to want to be the best, a feeling he finds in esports. Future CS:GO star for Beaulo?