IShowSpeed’s Detention at the North Korean Border

IShowSpeed’s Detention at the North Korean Border

15. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

IShowSpeed, a well-known streamer, found himself in an unexpected situation when he was reportedly detained by military personnel at the border of North Korea while attempting to broadcast there.

Just hours after announcing his intention to livestream from the secretive country, IShowSpeed went live from a car, revealing that he had been stopped by military personnel at the North Korean border during his attempt to broadcast.

Change of Plans

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Following this encounter, IShowSpeed adjusted his plans and decided to broadcast an IRL stream enjoying the South Korean nightlife instead, indicating that his plans to broadcast from North Korea had been foiled at the border. Earlier in the morning, one of his companions tweeted that they were not being allowed to film at the border.

It remains uncertain whether the American streamer will make another attempt to enter North Korea. For now, he continues his adventure in South Korea through a series of livestreams that are generating significant buzz on social media. The image of IShowSpeed detained by border police wearing a Cristiano Ronaldo t-shirt will likely become part of content creation history.


IShowSpeed’s brief yet eventful experience attempting to livestream from the North Korean border offers an intriguing glimpse into the challenges and boundaries in the world of streaming and content creation.

Although his original plans were thwarted, his adaptability led him to continue his adventure in South Korea, generating significant interest among his followers and on social media.

This unique situation highlights the complexities and emotions involved in live broadcasting and underscores the importance of planning and understanding the environments in which content creators operate.