Introducing the Apex Shadow Society Event: 36 New Skins and a Universal Heirloom Await

Introducing the Apex Shadow Society Event: 36 New Skins and a Universal Heirloom Await

22. March 2024 by Never

Prepare yourselves, Legends, for the arrival of Apex Legends’ latest extravaganza: the Apex Shadow Society event. Scheduled to commence on March 26, this event promises an array of enticing offerings, including a plethora of fresh cosmetics, a limited-time game mode (LTM), and the introduction of a brand-new Universal Heirloom – the Apex Artifact.

The Shadow Society Collection Rewards

In a recent trailer drop, players caught a glimpse of their favorite legends donning sleek, enigmatic attire, perfectly suited for their combat prowess. The Shadow Society event brings forth a collection of 36 all-new themed cosmetics, featuring standout skins for legends such as Mad Maggie, Horizon, Lifeline, Revenant, and Ballistic.

Inspiration and Influence

Drawing inspiration from the Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth crossover event,

The Shadow Society event mirrors its predecessor with an equivalent number of rewards, a dedicated reward shop, and even a coveted Mythic rarity reward. However, amidst the excitement, some voices within the community express reservations regarding the timing of the event, citing ongoing security concerns and other pressing matters.

The New Universal Heirloom: Apex Artifact

A highlight of the Shadow Society event is the introduction of the new Apex Artifact – a coveted Universal Heirloom. Dubbed the Cobalt Katar,

This one-handed blade offers a stylish alternative for melee combat, available to any legend. Much like the revered Buster Blade from the Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth event, the Cobalt Katar is a rare drop from event packs, with a chance for guaranteed acquisition upon completing the event.

Milestone Rewards and Incentives

As players progress through the Shadow Society collection, they’ll unlock a series of milestone rewards, culminating in the coveted Apex Artifact.

These rewards include a variety of enticing items such as a weapon charm, a holospray, a Fuse emote, and a distinctive death box – the Tax Collector death box, reminiscent of the iconic One-Winged Angel, serves as the ultimate milestone reward for event completion.


Get Ready for the Apex Shadow Society Event on March 26: New Skins and Exciting LTM Await! Join the Adventure and Stake Your Claim

Set your sights on March 26, as the Apex Shadow Society event not only brings forth an array of captivating skins but also introduces a promising new LTM for players to immerse themselves in. Prepare to embark on this thrilling adventure and stake your claim in the Shadow Society.