Inter Milan and Mkers Launch Community-Focused Esports Series

Inter Milan and Mkers Launch Community-Focused Esports Series

14. May 2024 by Never

Inter Milan has teamed up with esports organization Mkers to kick off the club’s first Fortnite tournament, marking the launch of Inter Milan’s new Gaming League. This league will feature competitions based on non-football titles, aiming to engage younger generations and enable fans and club players to participate in competitive events.

Attracting Younger Generations

The primary goal of this new esports series is to attract younger audiences and create opportunities for fan engagement through competitive gaming events. Participants in the Fortnite tournament will have the chance to win exclusive prizes, including two tickets to the Inter Milan vs. Lazio match.

Registrations for the tournament are currently open for a week, though details regarding the tournament format and other games featured in the Gaming League remain undisclosed.

Ongoing Partnership Between Inter Milan and Mkers

This initiative is not the first collaboration between Inter Milan and Mkers. At the end of 2022, the two organizations partnered to launch an eFootball roster following Inter’s multi-year partnership with publisher KONAMI. This continued partnership underscores both entities’ commitment to expanding their presence in the esports realm.


Exclusive Prizes and Participation

Participants in the Inter Milan Gaming League’s Fortnite tournament will vie for several exclusive prizes:

  • Two tickets to the Inter Milan vs. Lazio match.
  • Other exclusive merchandise and experiences related to Inter Milan.

Inter Milan and Mkers Unite: Bridging Traditional Sports and Esports

The collaboration between Inter Milan and Mkers represents a strategic move to blend traditional sports with the dynamic world of esports. This initiative not only broadens the reach of Inter Milan but also provides an innovative platform for engaging with a tech-savvy, younger audience.

As esports continue to grow, such partnerships are likely to become increasingly common, providing new avenues for fan interaction and brand expansion.