ImPerium’s CS:GO staff leaves the team after learning that the owner has a relationship with an underage girl

ImPerium’s CS:GO staff leaves the team after learning that the owner has a relationship with an underage girl

26. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Yesterday some disturbing details about the owner of ImPerium and one of the organization’s members came to light on social media. As a consequence of that news, the CS:GO team of ESEA Advanced has decided to leave the North American organization.

ImPerium’s duel has a relationship with an underage girl

According to the information published by EskiValorant on his Twitter account, the owner of the North American organization ImPerium, Shadow, 25, acknowledges having maintained a relationship 17-year-old girl who was part of the VALORANT team.

Due to this news, the entire CS:GO staff has decided to sever all ties with Shadow and, in turn, ImPerium.

CS:GO team leaves ImPerium organization

After the scandalous news about the organization’s owner, all CS:GO players of that organization have informed that they are no longer part of that team. So at the moment, the whole squad carries the name “Looking for Org.”

One of the team members, Nicholas “Truepain” Effland, announced that he and his teammates would leave the organization. Truepain made this announcement through his Twitter account, expressing this as shocking news.

All this news came to public light when EskiValorant shared some messages with Shadow through Discord.

In the messages, Shadow writes that the age difference can be awkward, but they are both attracted. Shadow then comments on Canadian consent laws. It is important to mention that the organization’s owner stated that he is 25 years old and the girl is 17 years old.

Canadian law states that a minor cannot consent to sexual activity if the other person is in a position of power or trust over him. We are talking about, for example, the cases of coaches or teachers with their students.

After learning these details about Shadow, some people in the community claimed he had also sent them messages that exceeded the limits.

On the other hand, another person claimed that Shadow had sent him messages to manipulate him, in addition to other messages where Shadow claimed they were only rumors.

A day before everything came to light, Shadow exchanged messages with Ver1ariss, telling her he knew she loved drama and all that stuff.

Then Shadow, in another message, writes to her that he has done a lot for her and her whole team and asks her if she can act as if she cares and at least care if he is ok or not.

ImPerium’s statement on this news

After so much commotion about the information about Shadow, the organization stated that they are conducting an internal investigation to determine if the allegations are true.

On the other hand, in the statement, they ask the fan community to remain calm until they finish the investigation.