Imitating a Legend: The Phenomenon of Faker’s Riot ID Copies

Imitating a Legend: The Phenomenon of Faker’s Riot ID Copies

7. December 2023 by Never

The Allure of a Legend: Faker’s Unmatched Influence in LoL

League of Legends, the global esports phenomenon, has seen many stars, but none shine as brightly as Faker. Dubbed the GOAT, the Demon King, and the four-time World Champion, Faker’s legacy transcends the game. His Riot ID, a symbol of excellence, has become the ultimate tribute for fans and aspiring players.

The Faker Effect: Over 13,000 Copies in South Korea

In South Korea’s League of Legends server, more than 13,000 players have embraced Faker’s identity, adopting variations of his iconic Riot ID. Reddit user data from, a site similar to OP.GG, reveals staggering numbers: 8303 “Hide on bush,” 1409 “Fakers,” 1856 “T1 Fakers,” and 1233 in Korean script.

Beyond Imitation: The Impact of Faker’s Legacy

The phenomenon goes beyond mere imitation. It reflects the aspirational spirit of the LoL community, where players not only dream of reaching Faker’s skill level but also of potentially succeeding him in T1 upon his retirement. This mass emulation is a testament to Faker’s enduring impact in the esports world.

Riot’s new ID policy has blessed the KR server with over 8000 Hide on bushes
byu/yoyo_putz inleagueoflegends

Crafting Your Unique Path to Success in League of Legends Inspired by Fake

While copying Faker’s Riot ID is a fun nod to the legend, remember that true success in League of Legends comes from developing one’s unique playstyle and skills. Emulate his dedication and passion, and who knows? You might be the next big name in LoL.