IEM Katowice 2024: Teams, Format, Schedule, and Matches

IEM Katowice 2024: Teams, Format, Schedule, and Matches

26. January 2024 by Never

As one of Counter-Strike’s most storied tournaments, IEM Katowice 2024 is just around the corner. CodigoEsports brings you all the details on the days, timings, format, and teams of this significant event. Set to begin on January 31st, the tournament will feature 24 of the world’s best squads.

Countdown to Counter-Strike 2’s First Major

Before we dive into the FPS extravaganza at IEM Katowice 2024, let’s look ahead to the first Major of Counter-Strike 2. Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, is gearing up to host this electronic sports spectacle. With the qualifiers already underway, teams like BESTIA from Argentina have secured their spots in the RMRs.

Tournament Format and Dates

Play-In Phase (16 Teams)

  • Double Elimination Format: Opening matches are best of 1, while the remaining series are best of 3.
  • Advancement: Top 8 teams from the bracket will proceed to the next stage.

Group Stage

  • Double Elimination (GSL) Format: All matches are best of 3.
  • Progression: Top 3 teams from each group will advance directly to the Playoffs, seeded according to their performance.


  • Simple Elimination Bracket: Group winners start in the semifinals.
  • Match Format: All matches are best of 3, except the final, which is best of 5.

Opening Matches (Play-In) – January 31st

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Venue and Prize Pool

The event will take place in Kawotice, Poland, as suggested by its name, offering a total prize pool of $1 million. The champion will secure a direct spot in IEM Cologne and the BLAST Premier World Final.

Catch the Action Live

To experience the thrill of IEM Katowice 2024, tune in to the live streams on Twitch.