IEM Dallas: MOUZ defeats Astralis, FaZe dominates G2

IEM Dallas: MOUZ defeats Astralis, FaZe dominates G2

3. June 2023 by Andrew Williams

Things went pretty well for MOUZ and FaZe at IEM Dallas 2023, as the two teams came out on top against 2 other strong opponents, Astralis and G2 respectively. MOUZ is now in the semi-finals of the CS:GO event.

MOUZ won 2-0 against Astralis (Inferno 22:20, Ancient 16:9) to secure a spot in the semi-finals of IEM Dallas. MOUZ haven’t been glorious lately, but in Dallas they did surprisingly well and especially Frozen was or is in good form. FaZe beat G2 2-1 in the quarterfinals in Dallas (16-14 Ancient, 6-16 Inferno, 10-16 Mirage) and will face ENCE next.

MOUZ vs. Astralis

The match started on Inferno. There Astralis got off to a good start and took a 7-1 lead. But with time MOUZ woke up and started to counter. A pistol win allowed MOUZ to take a 10:9 lead at the start of the second half, but Dev1ce stood up to it and blocked the intentions from the German team. The half ended in a neck-and-neck race and the game went into overtime. In the overtime, which spanned two periods, little separated the teams, but Christopher “dexter” Nong was on hand for some dicey moments when his team needed him most, deciding the game 22-20 for MOUZ.

The second and final map was Ancient, the map pick of Astralis. Things went well for MOUZ in the beginning, but then Astralis made a few turns again, but in the end it was only enough to send the Danes into the second period with five points. In the end MOUZ was simply the more dominant team and they managed a comfortable 16:9 victory to win the match. MOUZ will face Heroic in the semi-finals today, Saturday 3 June.

FaZe vs. G2

The match started on Ancient, and it was a relatively close match with FaZe getting the short end of the stick. Despite a 7-0 advantage on the T-side, they couldn’t win the map and G2 pulled away with the win on the map. Then it was Inferno’s turn and G2’s winning streak came to an abrupt end. FaZe played much more aggressively than on the first map and gave G2 no room to breathe. By halftime, it was already a 13-2 halftime lead and it was clear that FaZe would not be able to make up such a gigantic deficit.

Ropz really stepped on the gas at the end and G2 watched in resignation as FaZe won the map with a dominant 16-6. Mirage was similar to Inferno. FaZe shone on the CT side and played better and better as the match went on. A win in the pistol round and converting the next two rounds sealed the victory for FaZe, who won the map 16-10 to finish the match 2-1. Let’s see who wins the whole event in the end, the scene is definitely more interesting than ever!