Ibai Llanos Takes Back Control of KOI from Infinite Reality

Ibai Llanos Takes Back Control of KOI from Infinite Reality

6. November 2023 by Never

In a turn of events that has rippled across the esports landscape, Ibai Llanos, the famed streamer and club owner, has reclaimed his esports club KOI from Infinite Reality, signaling a new chapter for the organization he founded just two years ago. This change is slated to become effective on November 21, 2023, marking the end of a partnership that both parties assert has concluded on friendly terms.

The Journey of KOI and Its New Beginning

The news of KOI’s liberation from the clutches of Infinite Reality comes after months of speculation and rumors. In a dramatic Twitch stream at 23:00, Llanos took viewers through the genesis of KOI and its journey thus far, culminating in the official announcement of the split at 23:30, accompanied by a Twitter statement.

Division of Assets Between Infinite Reality and KOI

Post-separation, Infinite Reality will retain teams in Call of Duty, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and the LEC roster for League of Legends. KOI, on the other hand, will maintain ownership over teams in EA FC, League of Legends (LVP), and Valorant from the VCT. Moreover, the Superliga LoL team will be an entirely fresh start.

A Venture Born from Passion

The partnership that birthed KOI began in December 2021, when Llanos joined forces with soccer star Gerard Piqué. Despite the high hopes, the duo has faced numerous challenges, not just on the competitive front but also operational hurdles that have caused significant strife within the club’s hierarchy.

Controversies and Resolutions

In recent months, controversies arose, such as content creators not being paid for their contributions. Llanos addressed these issues head-on, acknowledging his financial sacrifices to ensure the club’s future. Moving forward, Llanos plans to consult current content creators about their future with KOI, while also confirming the formation of a new team of KOI streamers for 2024.

Ibai’s Challenging Year and Future Aspirations

For Llanos, 2023 has been a tumultuous year, described as one of the worst in his life, at least concerning esports. However, it’s not all been bleak; his other ventures have been successful, including events like the Kings League and the World Championships of League of Legends.

The Phoenix Rises

Adding to the curiosity, prior to the announcement stream, both Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué shared an enigmatic image of a phoenix, joined by Fernando Piquer, CEO of Movistar Riders. The reason behind this shared symbolism remains unexplained, leaving the community in anticipation.

KOI’s New Dawn: Ibai Llanos’ Resurgent Era

As Ibai Llanos and KOI embark on this new era, the esports world watches with bated breath. May 2024 herald a season of triumph and resurgence for Llanos and his beloved KOI, echoing the mythical phoenix’s rise from the ashes.