Ibai Llanos and KOI Stepping into Competitive Pokémon: A Game Changer for Esports in Spain

Ibai Llanos and KOI Stepping into Competitive Pokémon: A Game Changer for Esports in Spain

12. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Famed internet personality Ibai Llanos has set his sights on the competitive Pokémon arena, signaling a potential shift in the Spanish esports landscape. Llanos, known for his massive influence in the streaming world, is reportedly preparing to venture into Pokémon competitions with his esports team, KOI.

KOI’s Foray into Pokémon Esports

KOI, co-founded by Ibai Llanos and football star Gerard Piqué, is now eyeing the competitive Pokémon scene. This move could see the team signing experienced Pokémon players, a decision that might inspire other esports teams to follow suit.

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Potential Signings and Impacts

Names like Eric Ríos, a world semifinalist and European champion, and Álex Gómez, a Pokémon NA champion, are being speculated upon. Gómez recently made headlines for offering a special Pokémon as a gift in the Scarlet and Purple games.

The Role of Streamers and Esports Clubs

With this new venture, there is growing speculation about whether streamers and esports clubs like KOI could revitalize the competitive Pokémon scene in Spain. This move might not only bring more attention to Pokémon esports but also inspire new talents to emerge.

A Boost for Competitive Pokémon in Spain

The involvement of figures like Ibai Llanos and teams like KOI could bring a much-needed boost to the competitive Pokémon scene in Spain. Their entry could elevate the profile of Pokémon esports, attracting new fans and players alike.

The Exciting Entry of Ibai Llanos into Competitive Pokémon

This initiative by Ibai Llanos and KOI could mark a turning point for competitive Pokémon in Spain, bringing together established talent and the wider gaming community. It’s an exciting time for both fans and players, as this move could redefine the landscape of Pokémon esports in the region.