Ibai Llanos, the iconic co-streamer for the 2023 League of Legends Worlds

Ibai Llanos, the iconic co-streamer for the 2023 League of Legends Worlds

5. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Fans of the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) have reasons to celebrate: the most iconic Spanish-speaking voice of the MOBA is coming back stronger than ever.

Riot Games seals the return of a legend

The news many awaited is now official: Riot Games, the giant developer behind one of the world’s most popular video games, has announced that Ibai Llanos will be one of the official co-streamers for the Worlds 2023. A decision that, given his immense trajectory and contribution to the ecosystem, comes as no surprise.

A channel that breaks records

Recall that during last year’s Worlds, Ibai’s channel shattered all expectations. It managed to gather over 500,000 viewers in the finals, positioning itself as the most-followed channel just behind Riot Games’ official broadcast. A feat that, as Ibai himself points out, has been crucial for his return with imaging for this edition.

“We smashed it in last year’s final. It was a test for co-streamings, and that test ended with 500,000 people on my channel,” Ibai emphasizes. “We were the most-watched channel in the world, only behind the official broadcast, and this made them grant us the worlds with imaging.”

An anticipated return

Despite the initial uncertainty, Ibai was clear that the Worlds 2023 would be on his schedule. Although he had previously mentioned his unawareness if Riot would allow him to be an official co-streamer, he had full confidence in his participation, even in radio mode if necessary.

“As you know, I would have done it in radio mode. I was sure to do it,” the streamer assures. “Traveling to Korea… I was almost certain to travel too. I was confident they would give me the world finals, and we were sure to travel.”



The team’s mystery

While it’s confirmed that Ibai will travel to Korea to cover the Worlds, it remains to be seen who will join him on this new edition’s journey. Will he team up with familiar faces like Kuentin or Elyoya? We’ll find out soon.

A star-studded co-streamer lineup

Ibai won’t be alone in this endeavor. Other heavyweight names like Sneaky, Doublelift, and Sapnap also join as official co-streamers for the tournament. And for Spanish broadcasts, we’ll count on the voices of Nickdaboom, Barbakahn, Jim Rising, Necko, and Lastpick.

The barriers do not exist

The 2023 Worlds edition promises to be one of the most exciting and followed in the game’s history. With Ibai at the forefront, the experience for Spanish-speaking fans will undoubtedly be unforgettable. Get ready to experience the most significant League of Legends tournament like never before.