Hwei in Winter’s Favor: Visual Clarity Concerns in League of Legends

Hwei in Winter’s Favor: Visual Clarity Concerns in League of Legends

14. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games’ new champion, Hwei, has been the center of attention since its introduction in “League of Legends”. However, the Winter’s Favor skin for Hwei has sparked criticism for its visual effects, leading to a debate on clarity and gameplay experience.

The Core Issue

Players have raised concerns regarding the visual effects of Hwei’s abilities in the Winter’s Favor skin. The main problem lies in the similar color palette used for different abilities, causing confusion and lack of clarity for opponents.

Skills Clarity in Question

Hwei’s base skin differentiates abilities with distinct colors, enhancing gameplay readability. However, with the Winter’s Favor skin, abilities like Fuego Devastador (QQ) and Semblante Sombrío (EQ) blend together due to similar hues, leading to difficulty in distinguishing them during gameplay.

Community’s Reaction

The issue was highlighted in a Reddit Q&A session with the design team, where players expressed dissatisfaction. Despite the grievances aired, the design team has yet to address this specific concern publicly.

Impact on Gameplay

The lack of distinct visual cues for Hwei’s abilities in the Winter’s Favor skin potentially impacts the gameplay experience. It affects players’ ability to react appropriately, giving Hwei users an unintended advantage and detracting from the game’s fairness.

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Riot’s Response and Future Outlook

While Riot Games has been active in balancing Hwei’s performance, addressing the skin’s visual clarity remains an open issue. The community eagerly awaits Riot’s response and potential adjustments to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.


Hwei’s Winter’s Favor skin controversy underscores the importance of visual clarity in competitive gaming. As Riot Games navigates these waters, the balance between aesthetic appeal and gameplay fairness remains a crucial consideration for future updates.