Meet Hwei: League of Legends’ New Champion

Meet Hwei: League of Legends’ New Champion

20. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Hwei, recently unveiled at the Worlds 2023 finals, is the latest champion to join the fray in the Summoner’s Rift. This artillery mage offers a unique blend of power and versatility, ideal for players looking to dominate the mid-lane or experiment in support roles.

Hwei’s Complex Skill Set

Passive – Visionary’s Signature

  • Concept: Marks enemies with a unique finishing touch.
  • Effect: Activates a signature upon hitting with two spells, detonating for magical damage.

Theme – Disaster (Q) and Variations

  • Disaster (Q): Creates a vision of disaster, dealing significant damage.
  • Devastating Fire (QQ): Fires an explosive fireball, dealing magical damage and a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health.
  • Shattering Lightning (QW): Summons a long-distance lightning bolt that deals increased damage to immobilized or isolated enemies.
  • Magma Fissure (QE): Generates volcanic eruptions that deal continuous damage and slow enemies.

Theme – Serenity (W) and Variations

  • Fleeting Current (WQ): Creates a current that boosts Hwei’s and allies’ movement speed.
  • Reflecting Pool (WW): Forms a protective shield that increases in value over time.
  • Provoking Lights (WE): Grants additional attacks that deal extra magical damage and restore mana.

Theme – Torment (E) and Variations

  • Grim Visage (EQ): Launches an attack that inflicts fear and magical damage.
  • Abyssal Gaze (EW): Creates an eye that pursues and immobilizes the enemy, causing magical damage.
  • Crushing Jaws (EE): Deals damage and draws enemies toward the center, slowing them.

Spiral of Despair (R)

  • Effect: Attaches to an enemy champion, dealing magical damage and progressively slowing affected enemies.

The Impact of Hwei in Gameplay

With such a diverse and complex skill set, Hwei stands as a challenging but rewarding champion. His flexibility allows players to adapt to various situations, whether in direct confrontations or support roles. Mastering Hwei will require practice and skill, promising a unique experience in League of Legends esports.