Hwei’s Struggle in League of Legends: Analyzing the Low Win Rates

Hwei’s Struggle in League of Legends: Analyzing the Low Win Rates

7. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Hwei, the latest champion in League of Legends, was officially added to the game on December 6. However, his introduction has not been smooth, as indicated by his notably low win rates in various roles.

Hwei’s Current Performance

  • Win Rates: As per U.GG, a League statistics website, Hwei’s win rates are alarmingly low. In the middle lane, he has a win rate of only 32.74%, and 33.21% in the support role across all ranks.
  • Comparison with Other Champions: To put this in perspective, the next lowest win rate in similar roles is Miss Fortune as support, with a 45.64% win rate in Patch 13.24. This is significantly higher than Hwei’s performance.

Common Trends with New Champions

  • Initial Struggles: It’s not unusual for new champions in League of Legends to face initial difficulties in solo queue games right after their launch.
  • Future Buffs Expected: Given Hwei’s lower-than-expected win rate, it’s likely that he will receive buffs to improve his effectiveness in future updates.

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Complexity of Hwei’s Kit

  • Unique Abilities: Hwei’s kit is particularly complex, with abilities that change depending on the chosen Subject. There are three Subjects to choose from, each altering his abilities.
  • Learning Curve: This complexity makes Hwei one of the most challenging champions to learn and master in the current roster.

Recommendations for Players

  • Practice in Normal Mode: For players interested in trying out Hwei, it’s advisable to practice in normal mode first. This environment allows for better acclimatization to his strengths and weaknesses without the pressure of ranked games.
  • Patience and Learning: Understanding Hwei’s unique abilities is key to effectively utilizing him in matches.

Don´t Use It in Ranked!

Players interested in Hwei should be prepared for a steep learning curve and initial challenges. As adjustments and buffs are likely on the horizon, keeping an eye on upcoming patches will be crucial for those looking to master this new champion.