How to Watch the January 2024 PlayStation State of Play

How to Watch the January 2024 PlayStation State of Play

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With the dawn of 2024, PlayStation fans eagerly await the year’s exciting game releases. PlayStation is gearing up to captivate its audience with a detailed showcase in the upcoming State of Play broadcast.

Event Details

  • Date and Time: January 31 at 4pm CT
  • Duration: Over 40 minutes
  • Focus: Content for PlayStation 5 and PPS VR2, along with guest appearances

Expected Highlights

  • Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin: These titles are expected to be the main attractions, with in-depth coverage likely to consume a significant portion of the event.
  • Other Anticipated Games: While not explicitly confirmed, games like Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Persona 3 Reload could make an appearance. Additionally, surprises and updates on popular titles like Tekken 8 and Elden Ring are anticipated.

State of Play returns this Wednesday
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Streaming Platforms

  • Official PlayStation YouTube Channel: The main broadcasting platform, offering live coverage and post-event uploads.
  • PlayStation Twitch Channel: Another option for live viewing, with the broadcast archived for later access.
  • PlayStation TikTok Account: For quick updates and highlights, ideal for those who engage with gaming content on TikTok.

Post-Broadcast Availability

After the live event, the full State of Play will be uploaded to the PlayStation YouTube channel. Individual trailers and announcements will also be available separately for those who wish to view specific segments.