How to Update Your Riot ID: A Seamless Transition

How to Update Your Riot ID: A Seamless Transition

7. November 2023 by Never

In the ever-evolving world of online gaming, maintaining a unique and personal gamer identity is paramount. Riot Games has initiated a transition that phases out summoner names, integrating a unified Riot ID for a more cohesive experience across all their platforms. Starting November 20th, the Riot ID will be your official identifier in all Riot games.

Understanding Your Riot ID

Before we delve into the simplicity of the Riot ID update process, let’s quickly unpack what a Riot ID entails. Your Riot ID is your universal passport to the universe of Riot Games, tethering all your gaming experiences to one name. Linked to your email, it consists of a username (3 to 16 alphanumeric characters) and a tag (3 to 5 characters). In-game, your username shines without the tag. Remember, uniqueness is key; duplicate usernames coexist but are differentiated by their unique tags.

3 Simple Steps to Update Your Riot ID

Editing your Riot ID is straightforward. Follow these steps to refresh your gaming alias:

Step 1: Visit Your Riot Account Page

Access your account on the Riot Games website to initiate the update.

Step 2: Customize Your Username and Tag

Choose a new username and tag that resonate with your gaming persona.

Riot ID Change

Step 3: Save Your Changes

Once you’ve crafted your new ID, save the changes to finalize your new gaming identity.

Timeline for the Riot ID Change

The transition to Riot ID is marked by key dates. November 20th is the initial milestone when all players receive a free ID update. Within the following two months, a second complimentary change is promised, regardless of previous updates. By 2024, with the new system fully integrated, a final free name change is provided, followed by one free update every 365 days thereafter. For impromptu changes, Riot Games accommodates with in-game currency transactions: 1250 RP in League of Legends, 1000 Coins in Legends of Runeterra, and future Valorant Points (PV).

Master Your Gamer Identity: Effortless Riot ID Update Guide

Adapt swiftly to the evolving digital landscape by updating your Riot ID with ease. Follow the outlined steps, keep track of the important dates, and continue to enjoy your favorite Riot games without a hitch.