How to Unlock the New Legendary Orisa Skin in Overwatch 2 for Free

How to Unlock the New Legendary Orisa Skin in Overwatch 2 for Free

26. April 2024 by Never

Overwatch 2 has introduced an exciting new seasonal game mode called Mirrorwatch, which offers a fresh twist on the lore of many beloved heroes. One of the highlights of this mode is the opportunity to earn a free legendary skin for Orisa, known as OR-UNIT. Here’s how you can unlock this exclusive skin completely free of charge.

Earn the OR-UNIT Orisa Skin via Mirrorwatch Challenges

To obtain the new OR-UNIT Orisa skin, players need to complete a series of nine challenges within the Mirrorwatch game mode. These challenges are available for a limited time and must be completed before May 14. By completing these challenges, players not only unlock the legendary skin but also earn valuable Battle Pass XP.

Details of the OR-UNIT Orisa Skin

The OR-UNIT Orisa skin features a striking white and purple color scheme, a unique hairstyle, and a visually appealing spear that complements Orisa’s design. This skin is a must-have for fans of the hero and adds a refreshing new look to her appearance.

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Additional Free Skins and Rewards in Overwatch 2 Season 10

In addition to the OR-UNIT Orisa skin, Overwatch 2 Season 10 offers a range of other free skins and rewards for players to earn. These include:

  • Hashimoto Hanzo skin (complete with the Feline Attitude cat emote)
  • Various Mirrorwatch skins available through the Season 10 Battle Pass
  • The new OWCS Reinhardt skin
  • Access to previous mythic skins via the revamped Mythic Shop

Players can also earn rewards by watching drop-enabled Twitch streams during the season.

Unlock Free Skins and Rewards in Overwatch 2 with Mirrorwatch Challenges

If you’re eager to collect free skins and rewards in Overwatch 2, don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the OR-UNIT Orisa skin through Mirrorwatch challenges. Take advantage of the limited-time challenges and explore the other exciting rewards available throughout Season 10. Happy gaming!