How to Obtain the M4 – Royal Black Soul for Free in CoD Mobile

How to Obtain the M4 – Royal Black Soul for Free in CoD Mobile

5. February 2024 by Never

Season 2 of CoD: Mobile in 2024 has brought an exciting surprise for gamers: the chance to acquire the legendary M4 – Royal Black Soul skin at no cost. This skin not only adds flair to your arsenal but is also easily obtainable with minimal requirements.

Steps to Acquire the Legendary Skin

For New Players:

  • Create a Call of Duty Account: The initial step involves registering and creating an account in the game.
  • Play Five Matches: Engage in five multiplayer mode matches.

For Veteran Players:

  • Log In to CoD: Mobile: Access your existing account.
  • Play Five Matches: Similar to new players, complete five matches in the multiplayer mode.

Features of the M4 – Royal Black Soul

Appearance and Reactivity:

  • The skin possesses a base stage and three reactive stages that activate upon eliminating enemies.
  • Each kill transforms the appearance of the skin.

Included Accessories:

  • Extended 40-Round Magazine
  • Ranger Front Grip
  • OWC Tactical Laser
  • Ranger OWC
  • No Stock
  • These accessories enhance the weapon’s performance and can be customized in the armory.

Availability and Special Event

  • Launch in Season 2: The skin will be available with the onset of Season 2.
  • Garena Servers: Currently accessible, it requires the accumulation of 100 Black Gold Royal Arise event cards to secure the permanent version.

Elevate Your Game: Unlocking the Legendary M4 – Royal Black Soul in CoD: Mobile

The M4 – Royal Black Soul in CoD: Mobile offers a unique opportunity to personalize your gaming experience. With its dynamic design and enhanced accessories, this legendary skin not only elevates your style in the game but also your combat performance. Seize this chance to add this impressive cosmetic to your collection!