How to Obtain Free MMR Double Down Tokens in Dota 2

How to Obtain Free MMR Double Down Tokens in Dota 2

10. May 2024 by Never

MMR Double Down tokens are a powerful tool in Dota 2 to rapidly boost your rank, but they come with risks. Here’s how you can acquire them for free:

Through Crownfall Event

  • Main Quests: Progress through Act I: The Markets of Midgate to earn 6 Double Down tokens.
  • Side Quests: Unlock these quests (some behind paywall) to gain an additional 5 Double Down tokens.

Utilizing Store Coins

  • Collect Store Coins: Gather 12 Store Coins during Act I. Unlocking Side Quests grants an extra 10 Store Coins.
  • Activate Discount: Use 10 Store Coins to activate a discount in the Crownfall Store.
    • Click “ACTIVATE” on the Crownfall Store tab to apply the discount.

Crownfall Royal Bundle

  • Claim the Bundle: Once the discount is active, obtain the Crownfall Royal Bundle for free.
    • Includes 20 MMR Double Down tokens, 10 Candyworks Caravan Rerolls, and 30 Candyworks Caravan Candy Sacks.


Candyworks Caravan Rerolls

  • Leverage Luck: Utilize Candyworks Caravan Rerolls (earned by playing and winning matches) for a chance to gain 10 Store Coins.
    • This can lead to acquiring another Crownfall Royal Bundle for additional Double Down tokens.


Maximizing MMR Double Down Tokens: A Free Guide to Climbing in Dota 2

By following these steps and utilizing your luck with Candyworks Caravan, you can earn MMR Double Down tokens without spending a dime. Take caution and enjoy the thrill of climbing the MMR ladder in Dota 2!