How to Master Camouflage PEM and Cardboard Boxes in Fortnite

How to Master Camouflage PEM and Cardboard Boxes in Fortnite

27. January 2024 by Never

Fortnite’s latest update has thrilled players with the introduction of the Camouflage PEM and cardboard boxes, drawing inspiration from the legendary Solid Snake. These new elements add a tactical twist to gameplay, inviting players to emulate the stealth abilities of the iconic infiltrator. Let’s dive into how to maximize these tools on the battlefield.

Camouflage PEM: Strategic Invisibility

The Camouflage PEM is a pivotal tool for stealth strategy. It renders players almost invisible for a short period. This ability opens up significant tactical opportunities, but understanding its limitations is crucial. While active, players cannot launch direct attacks.

However, the surprise element and the ability to quickly deactivate it for attacking enemies make the PEM a versatile asset.

Cardboard Boxes: Mobile Hideouts

Scattered across the island, cardboard boxes offer a unique way to hide and move undetected. Unlike Solid Snake, players in Fortnite can move while inside a box, allowing for stealthy advancement. This adds an extra tactical dimension to gameplay, as players can use boxes as mobile hideouts, confusing opponents and setting up surprise ambushes.

I saw “EMP” in the stealth camo name and I am glad my curiosity paid off.
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Fortnite’s Stealth Revolution: Mastering Camouflage PEM and Cardboard Boxes

The Camouflage PEM and cardboard boxes not only add exciting gameplay elements to Fortnite but also offer players a chance to delve into Solid Snake’s stealthy world. Mastering these elements requires not just technical skill but also strategic cunning.