How to access FACEIT CS2 Limited

How to access FACEIT CS2 Limited

8. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Thousands of Counter-Strike players have been waiting months for access to FACEIT CS2. Today, we tell you how to access and enjoy the exclusive benefits and matchmaking on the CS2 servers.

Access to FACEIT CS2 Limited

Recently, FACEIT has informed all players about an amazing option to access the CS2 limited trial. However, it is important to note that to enjoy this opportunity, players must meet certain requirements.

FACEIT, for its part, is employing a well-planned three-phase approach to introduce CS2. After the first launch, it will be followed by much wider access, where the developers will include new updates and improved matchmaking. But that’s not all. It also debuts the first season of FACEIT. However, details of the third part have not yet been revealed.

It is important to note that FACEIT has commented that part one is the Limited Access that the game is in right now. Part two is scheduled to start after the full game is released. On the other hand, it has been reported that the platform will introduce modifications to the skill levels as part of the launch strategy. It can be said that these adjustments are a response to the growing player base. Importantly, all players who reach level 10 in the limited access test will experience an initial “soft” Elo adjustment.

New “Challenger” rank in FACEIT

At FACEIT, they echo CS2’s new Premier rank system, creating the new “Challenger” rank. This rank is specially designed for the top 1,000 players in each region of the world. Each time a player reaches level 10, they get a numerical badge, which will help them feel more motivated to keep improving and leveling up.

How to access the FACEIT CS2 limited trial?

Counter-Strike 2 players who want to access the CS2 limited trial in FACEIT must meet certain requirements. They must be a level 9 or 10 player and have played over 1,000 games.

If you meet the requirements, logging into FACEIT allows you to access the CS2 limited trial. It is important to note that there will be a small change in how to connect to CS2 in FACEIT for a short time. So, you must copy the connection command from the Matchroom page and then paste it into the console you are playing on.

The first thing to do is to activate the developer console. This step can be done using the game options or the console option. Finally, the “connect” command must be copied and pasted into the terminal.

About CS2 servers in FACEIT

With the launch of the CS2 limited test in FACEIT comes a new matchmaking method for the game. It is important to note that these new servers will use a subclick system instead of the usual 64 and 128-tick servers in FACEIT and ESEA.

The game developers have not officially stated whether the servers will have the expected 128-tick pacing. But players will undoubtedly be looking forward to enjoying the 128-tick servers.