How is Beastcoast dominating the Dota2 Scene?

How is Beastcoast dominating the Dota2 Scene?

4. February 2023 by Andrew Williams

At the start of the new Dota Pro Circuit, South America looked incredibly competitive and nobody knew who would come on top.

Powerful organizations like Evil Geniuses and Alliance entered the region and signed some of the best players from the existing teams, offering them offers they couldn’t refuse. But they couldn’t acquire all the top talent.

Beastcoast’s brilliant roster moves

In November 2022, during the post-TI shuffle, beastcoast managed to sign two players from Thunder Awaken, the team that had finished fifth-sixth at The International 11. These players were Herrera “DarkMago” Gonzalo and Rafael “Sacred” Yonatan.

Both of them were known to be highly skilled and hungry to win trophies. DarkMago plays mid while Sacred plays offlane. With two of the best players in the world in their respective roles signed, beastcoast had excellent chances against the North American and European “invaders”, EG and Alliance.

Early results

We’ve yet to find out whether or not beastcoast are strong enough to win the South American Division I in the new DPC. But the start was definitely promising.

Beastcoast encountered Keyd Stars in the first match and won with ease. The score was 2-0 and the games lasted for just 33 and 24 minutes respectively. In Dota 2, that’s usually an indicator of a one-sided battle. And it certainly was, at least in game 1.

In this game, beastcoast had a significant networth lead at the 10-minute mark and snowballed from there. In game 2, the situation was very different and beastcoast proved that they know how to make a comeback. From being 3000 gold behind, they quickly gained a 4000 gold lead and ended the match almost immediately after.

The reason why this victory is relevant is that Keyd Stars are currently second in the league, with a record of 2 W – 1 L. And one of the teams they defeated is Thunder Awaken.

In their other two matches, beastcoast encountered Infamous and Infinity. In both cases, the matches were tough but Steven “Stinger” Mamani, beastcoast’s captain, displayed great leadership skills under pressure and managed to find a way to win. The scores were 1-2 against Infamous and 2-0 against Infinity.

Can beastcoast beat EG and Alliance.LATAM?

For beastcoast, the truly difficult matches will take place on January 24 and January 29. That’s when the team will face Alliance.LATAM and Evil Geniuses. Both of these matches look very exciting and they will give us a better understanding of how strong these teams are relative to each other.

The region received two spots for the Lima Major, which means that beastcoast’s chances to qualify are quite high.