Honor of Kings Sets a New Bar in Esports with a $15M Investment for 2024

Honor of Kings Sets a New Bar in Esports with a $15M Investment for 2024

17. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a major move set to redefine mobile esports, Tencent and Level Infinite have announced an ambitious plan for their popular MOBA, Honor of Kings. The game’s esports circuit is slated for significant enhancements and changes in 2024, backed by a substantial $15M investment aimed at propelling its global presence.

The Announcement: A Step Towards Global Expansion

Jan M. Jahnke, the Head of Global Esports Products at Level Infinite, shared this exciting development via a video on social media, marking a new chapter in the game’s history.

Honor of Kings vs. Arena of Valor

While Honor of Kings is a household name in its home region of China, the game is known as Arena of Valor in the international market. This dual identity has contributed to its widespread popularity.


2024: The Year of Global Growth

Tencent’s vision for 2024 includes expanding Honor of Kings’ global reach. Level Infinite revealed earlier this month that the game would launch worldwide throughout the year, targeting regions such as North Africa, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East.

Honor of Kings Invitational Series: A New Esports Format

The Honor of Kings Invitational Series is a groundbreaking initiative comprising two seasons in 2024, each culminating in its own LAN finals. The Season 1 finals are set to take place in Istanbul, Turkey. This series complements the company’s strategy to establish more localized leagues, akin to the recent Pro League in Brazil.

A Packed Tournament Schedule

  • Midseason Invitational: Featuring a prize pool of $1M, this tournament will see teams battle it out for mid-year supremacy.
  • End-of-Year Championship: While details remain scarce, this event promises to be a grand conclusion to the year’s competitive scene.

The Future of Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings

As Tencent and Level Infinite make these bold moves, questions arise about how these developments will integrate with the existing Arena of Valor tournaments. There’s speculation about whether the two titles might merge into a singular identity for this pivotal year.

Honor of Kings: Revolutionizing Mobile Esports

The investment and expansion plans for Honor of Kings represent a significant leap in the realm of mobile esports. This strategy not only enhances the game’s global appeal but also sets a precedent for the future of competitive mobile gaming.