Honkai Star Rail Introduces Robin: Abilities, Characteristics, and More

Honkai Star Rail Introduces Robin: Abilities, Characteristics, and More

22. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 has unveiled its newest characters, including Robin. Let’s explore Robin’s kit of abilities and other essential details.

Character Description


Robin, born in Colonipenal, is a renowned aureolian singer known throughout the cosmos. With an elegant and serene demeanor, she was invited by La Familia to perform at the Carismony Festival. Robin harnesses the power of Harmony to spread her music, captivating not only her followers but also all manner of living beings.

Robin’s English voice will be portrayed by Alice Himora, while Chevy will provide the vocals for her songs.

Robin’s Abilities

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Basic Attack: Deals physical damage to a single enemy. Considered Skill damage rather than Basic Attack damage.

Skill: Robin enters a performance state. At the start of her turn, the remaining duration of the performance state decreases by -1. During the performance state, the ATK of all allies increases proportionally.

Ultimate Ability: Creates a “Singer’s Aura” that boosts the damage dealt by all allies. Adds a “singer” to the action bar, causing all allies to act immediately. While the aura is active, Robin cannot act but is immune to negative effects and control effects. The “singer” acts only once, after which the aura is removed, and Robin acts immediately.

Talent: Increases the critical damage of all allies proportionally based on Robin’s critical damage plus a fixed amount. Each time an ally uses a skill, Robin gains a Note. Once Robin accumulates a certain amount of Notes, she consumes them and regenerates a certain amount of energy.

Technique: Summons a bird that disappears after a short period of time. All enemies receive the “enchanted” effect.

Trail 1: Upon entering battle, the SPD of all allies increases proportionally for several turns.

Trail 2: While the “Singer’s Aura” is active, reduces the probability of Robin being attacked.

Trail 3: When Robin’s current HP falls below a certain percentage, regenerate a percentage of her maximum HP.

This is just a first look at Robin’s abilities based on leaks from HomDGCat. Her abilities are still subject to changes, nerfs, or buffs.


Prepare to experience the power of Robin in Honkai Star Rail version 2.2. With her mesmerizing abilities and captivating presence, Robin is sure to leave a lasting impression on the battlefield. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as the game evolves.