Homme’s Unexpected Departure from JDG: A Story of Shadows and Oblivion

Homme’s Unexpected Departure from JDG: A Story of Shadows and Oblivion

15. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the high-stakes world of esports, the role of a coach is often undervalued, especially in games like League of Legends. The recent departure of Yoon Sung-young “Homme” from JD Gaming (JDG) highlights this often-overlooked aspect of competitive gaming.

His exit comes in the wake of JDG’s defeat against T1, a loss that has resonated deeply within the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) community.

Understanding the Role of a Coach in Esports

The job of an esports coach, like Homme, remains a mystery to many fans. Despite the evolving nature of League of Legends and esports, the general understanding of a coach’s role is still incomplete. This gap in knowledge often results in coaches like Homme receiving undue criticism during failures and being overshadowed during successes.

Homme’s Statement Post-Defeat


Following JDG’s loss, Homme took to Weibo to take responsibility for the defeat, stating, “We lost the match due to my incompetence; the players tried. We didn’t live up to the LPL fans’ expectations. I hope more people will support JDG in the future.” This marked his decision to take a temporary break from the scene, similar to his hiatus in 2021.

JDG’s Performance Under Homme’s Leadership

Under Homme’s guidance, JDG achieved notable success, including winning three trophies and making significant strides in the competitive scene. Despite their recent setbacks, Homme’s leadership has been instrumental in JDG’s growth.

The Impact of Homme’s Departure on JDG

Homme’s departure is comparable to seeing Arsenal without Arsène Wenger. His tenure with JDG since May 2018 has been crucial in shaping the team’s competitive edge. The challenge now for JDG is to find a successor who can carry on Homme’s legacy while bringing their own unique approach to the team.

The Future of JDG Without Homme


JDG’s immediate future without Homme raises several questions. Will they continue with a figure from Homme’s circle, or will they bring in a completely new coach? This decision is critical for JDG to maintain their momentum and avoid a decline in performance.

The Underrated Role

Homme’s departure from JDG serves as a reminder of the crucial yet often underrated role of coaches in League of Legends esports. As JDG looks to the future, finding the right leadership will be vital in continuing their success on both national and international stages.