Heretics return to Call of Duty esports

Heretics return to Call of Duty esports

25. August 2023 by miranda angeles

The return of the Spanish organization Heretics to Call of Duty esports has recently been announced. Team Heretics has closed a deal with the Florida Mutineers team of the CDL.

Heretics’ return to Call of Duty esports

The Spanish organization has signed an agreement with a CDL squad. From now on, Team Florida Mutineers will wear the Heretics jersey and change its name to Miami Heretics. This important return to CoD esports was announced yesterday, August 24, as part of the Heretics organization’s seventh-anniversary celebration.

The Miami Heretics lineup

The Miami Heretics lineup will keep Javier “Vikul” Milagro, the only Spanish player from Team Florida Mutineers. Joining him will be Adrian “MettalZ” Serrano, Alejandro “Lucky” Lopez and Juan “JurNii” Antonio Gonzalez Muñoz. These last three players were members of the Heretics CDL squad in the Black Ops 4 season in 2019, which was the last season for this team.

Now, to complete the lineup for the new team, Eric “EriKBooM” Ferrer and Jorge “MethodZ” Bancells as coach. We only know who all the squad members are now, but it has not been revealed what the starting lineup will look like for the 2024 CDL season.

Perhaps for many people, these changes come as a complete surprise. However, the most loyal fans of the CDL were already expecting this purchase for some months. Let’s remember that Jacob Hale, from Dexerto, informed the community about the changes that could come since last May.

Despite Jacob Hale’s certainty three months ago, many people began to doubt this news as several trademarks for the new name had been abandoned.

Agreement between Heretics and Mutineers

Finally, after almost a year-long negotiation, Misfits Gaming Group, the owners of Mutineers and Heretics, have agreed. This agreement means the second agreement Heretics has made with Misfits Gaming Group. In July 2022, Misfits saw its LEC berth go to Heretics.

As mentioned, Heretics’ last season with its CoD team was in 2019. Recall that the Call of Duty World League went from 16 teams to just 12 franchises, and the organization reportedly spent millions of dollars to get into the league.

For their part, the Mutineers have accumulated varying degrees of success throughout the various seasons. However, the Mutineers’ greatest accomplishments were achieved by the team in their inaugural season in 2020, when they won three Home Series competitions and took home $175K from the CDL. This team has failed to win a tournament since then, and in the last two CDL tournaments, they have not participated.